院长 王雪野 教授



副院长 郑苏晖 副教授

Nowadays, with the information technology advancement, various kinds of media have been integrated together, it not only re-shapes the landscape of communication industry, but also impacts on the business and management conduct in China. On one hand, the rapid development of cultural and media industries makes the problem of lacking of the management personnel and unreasonable structure more and more prominent. On the other hand, “management can’t ignore the importance of media” has been widely recognized. Thus, mastering the principles of modern communication and utilizing the communication skills to improve management efficiency have become prerequisite for managers in any industry.

Under the circumstances of national economic development, guided by the motto of Communication University of China (CUC)“integrity, professionalism, erudition and competence" and the teaching principles of CUC Business School “ Management Leads to Success and Media Change the World”, the Business School offers a wide range of business-related bachelor's, master's and PhD programs.