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Business School

— Communication University Of China

Communication University of China (CUC) is one of the “project 211” key universities under the direct supervision of the State Ministry of Education. The motto of the CUC is “Integrity, Professionalism, Erudition and Competence”. CUC sticks to its own line of thinking in discipline construction to arrange each course into a scientific structure, focusing on unique features and wide connections with other courses. As a result, a cross-disciplinary system is formed which covers journalism and communication, radio, film & television arts, information science and technology, management, economics, literature, engineering, law, and natural science. So far, CUC has 19 colleges, 4 research institutes and 4 post-doctoral study centers, and offers 25 doctoral programs, 89 master programs, 6 professional master categories, and 82 bachelor programs. Presently, there are approximately 15,000 full-time students in CUC, and nearly 15,000 students in continuing education program.

CUC has a strong faculty team, some of whom are international renowned guru in their fields. In addition, CUC has employed a number of well-known experts and scholars as visiting professors. CUC has established exchange programs and relationships with more than 200 leading foreign universities, scientific research organizations and media. In 2009, CUC founded an “International Alliance of Communication Higher Education" and 49 renowned communication universities from 21 countries and regions joined the "alliance".

The business School is a college under faculty of economics and management. Relying on all CUC’s academic and social resources, the business School strives to train senior executives to be good at business management and know cultural communication.